CORONAVIRUS COVID-19: Let’s stay safe together. Due to the COVID-19 Government Alert Level 2 announcement we ask that you review COVID-19 health and safety requirements before your appointment. If you are feeling unwell, or you have been in close contact with someone who has been suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, or who has recently returned from overseas, please call us to discuss your appointment options. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Registered Specialist Palmerston North Orthodontics

Michael D Courtney

Registered Specialist Orthodontist
Friendly orthodontic care - braces & teeth straightening
Palmerston North

At Courtney Orthodontics on Elmira we're committed to delivering the very best Orthodontic care in Palmerston North, with friendly service and a comfortable, welcoming environment.

Specialist Orthodontist Mike Courtney provides one-to-one care for each patient, developing an individualised treatment plan to improve the appearance and function of the teeth.

Braces are the most common form of Orthodontic treatment, and we offer braces to suit every patient. Some choose subtle, tooth-coloured ceramic braces, while others customise their "mouth bling" with our selection of coloured bands, which can be changed at every appointment, or by request.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

We’re still open!

New Zealand is back on alert and we recognise the uncertainty that coronavirus COVID-19 is causing globally. With the recent announcement about the move to Alert Level 2 in our area, we want to take a moment to let you know what we are doing to keep you safe while still providing you exceptional orthodontic treatment and care.

We’re here for you at Alert Level 2.

We’re still open as normal at Alert Level 2. We will continue to screen patients and schedule appointments appropriately and maintain a contact register for contact tracing, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and meet the Infection Control & Prevention Standards, as guided by the Dental Council of New Zealand (DCNZ). As your good health guardians, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

Dentistry may be changing, but one thing that won’t is our commitment to the health and safety of our patients and our teams. We have always maintained a high level of best-practice safety protocols, even before COVID-19.

Screening our patients before appointments

To help keep everyone safe, we will be in touch to ask you a series of triage questions before your appointment. Please consider the questions below:

  • Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
  • Are you waiting for a COVID-19 test or the results, or considered a probable case, or been asked to self-isolate?
  • Have you had close contact with other people in the last 14 days who are probable or confirmed to have COVID-19?
  • Do you have new or worsening symptoms of an acute respiratory infection with at least one of the following, with or without fever?
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • shortness of breath
    • runny nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip (coryza)
    • loss of smell (anosmia)
    • loss of taste (ageusia)
  • Have you travelled overseas in the last 14 days?
  • Have you had direct contact with someone in the last 14 days who has travelled overseas?
  • Do you work on an international aircraft or shipping vessel?
  • Do you work or have you recently worked at an international airport or maritime port in areas/conveniences visited by international arrivals?
  • Do you work or have you recently worked in customs, immigration, or at managed quarantine/isolation facilities?
  • Are you a household member or a community contact of aircrew?
  • Have you recently visited a place of interest at the same time as a confirmed COVID case?
  • Are you currently in an area outside of Auckland but have recently arrived in from Auckland?
If you have an appointment booked and you answered  YES  to any of the above, please call us to talk through your options. We may also call you to confirm your answers to these questions again, just prior to your appointment, in case anything has changed for you. We do appreciate your support and understanding as we unite with you against COVID-19.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly practice, and we strive to be at the forefront of patient care.