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Mike Courtney

Michael D Courtney - Registered Specialist Orthodontist
BDS, MDS (Orth.), MRACDS (Orth.)

Mike has strong family links to the Manawatu-Horowhenua area, and though he wasn't born here, he considers himself a local. As a newly-graduated dentist, Mike's decision to set up his practice in Palmerston North was an easy one because it was, in a sense, coming home.

Mike practiced as a general dentist in Terrace End for 10 years before returning to Otago University, where he was fortunate to be one of three students selected to undertake the Masters Course in Orthodontics. On completion of the course in 1994, Mike returned to Palmerston North to set up his Specialist practice.

As a Specialist, Mike provides one-to-one Orthodontic care for every patient. After completing a comprehensive examination, he forms an individualised treatment plan to address any malocclusions or issues identified. He then takes time to discuss the plan in detail and invites patients and carers to ask lots of questions so they can make informed decisions.

Mike has a special interest in evidence-based dentistry. This means that he determines the best course of Orthodontic treatment for patients based on clinical evidence rather than on "marketing hype" that often comes with new products. "A lot of exaggerated claims are made about different brands of braces," Mike says, "But it doesn't matter what type of braces are attached to your teeth - essentially it's how the Orthodontist applies his technique to move the teeth that is important."